Whether you are having pain, poor movement, weakness, falls, or just not performing as well as you want at work, home or in your chosen sport, you will receive attentive, friendly service and a professional, respectful atmosphere when you involve us in your care.



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Element Physical Therapy
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Missoula Physical Therapy Services

Concussion Testing and Therapy

Element Physical Therapy is the only clinic in Montana that can objectively measure brain reflexes, helping to confirm complete healing after concussion.

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Treatment for Balance Problems

Specialized equipment and trained professionals can help identify the causes of balance problems that can lead to falls or accidents. Element Physical Therapy is the only clinic in Western Montana to use these tools to provide you and your physician with the answers you need regarding your balance.

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Diagnosis for Dizziness Problems

Dysfunction of a portion of the inner ear can result in dizziness or vertigo. The therapists at Element Physical Therapy are specially trained in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy, a very effective treatment for many individuals with dizziness, vertigo and other inner ear disorders.

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Facial Rehabilitation

Loss of facial muscular function after a stroke can be devastating. Our therapists can help you or a loved one retrain the facial muscles to restore facial expression and symmetry.

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