Astym, Astim, Astem, Astm…However you spell it, ASTYM (TM) is a very effective treatment for pain and stiffness. This innovative, non-invasive technique loosens scar tissue, stimulates healing in chronic tendon conditions and relieves pain associated with several conditions, such as post surgical or traumatic scarring, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), tennis/golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, IT Band syndrome, patellar pain, hip and shoulder bursitis, chronic spinal pain and tightness, chronic sprains and strains, tendinitis or tendinosis anywhere in the body.

The technique involves a warmup to stimulate blood flow, followed by a series of strokes, like a deep massage, with specialized instruments through an entire kinetic chain. In other words, if you are being seen for pain in the elbow, the treatment is done to the entire arm to catch any fibrotic tissue that may have an attachment site affecting pressure on the elbow. Then you will receive instruction on stretching the tight tissues and education on how to avoid aggravating the particular tissues involved. Treating broader areas helps address compensatory problems that may develop in response to pain or restricted range of motion. ASTYM can actually help your body heal the underlying problem, as well as give relief of pain, unlike many modalities or medication, without unwanted side effects.


Because it stimulates healing by breaking down adhesions, the treatment itself can be painful on tight tissue, especially the first couple of sessions. It takes approximately fifteen minutes or less per limb and one can expect to feel some “roughness,” or a bumpy quality as the instruments glide over fibrotic tissue. This will smooth out and feel less rough as the fibrosis is broken down. As this occurs, there is less pain both with the treatment and with daily activities and improved flexibility and function. This usually occurs over a 3-6 week period of time. It is important to stay well hydrated with ASTYM treatment, to flush out toxins and promote good healing in the tissues.


Unlike massage alone, which can require painful, prolonged pressure to a tender area, ASTYM reaches deep into the tissues with effective pressure and a minimal amount of time spent directly over the tender region. It covers a broad area in a short amount of time so addresses not just the involved region but any other tissues that may be adding to the problem as well. There are several years of clinical research, outcomes data studies and clinical experience backing up the effectiveness of ASTYM and it is performed only by certified clinicians.