Dry Needling for Muscle Pain

Dry Needling, also called Intermuscular Stimulation (IMS), can help relieve the symptoms of chronic pain. Let us help you decide if Dry Needle Treatment is a good option for treating your pain.

Dry Needling

Intermuscular stimulation (IMS), also known as dry needling, is a manual therapy techniques used to treat muscular and tendinous pain by targeting specific trigger points that are the primary cause for the patient's discomfort. A sterile fine-gauged monofilament needle, similar to the ones used with acupuncture, is driven into the muscle trigger point, which causes relaxation to the muscle and tendon. As a result, pain is reduced. After IMS treatment, a patient may feel relief immediately, or it can taek 24 hours to take full effect. Patients may fee muscle soreness afterwards which should again subside in 24 hour to 48 hours. This technique is not used in isolation. A combination of manual therapy and other physical therapy treatments are used to further improve overall function. Patients are usually scheduled for IMS 1-2x per week, for initially 6 visits.

IMS is commonly used to treat chronic (lasting more than 3 months) neck and low back pain, rotator cuff tendonitis, tennis and golfer elbow, tension headaches, IT band syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, runner's knee. This technique is highly effective in reducing pain, restoring range of motion, which leads to improved function.

IMS is not appropriate for every patient. During the initial and subsequent treatments, the physical therapist will determine if you are a candidate for this procedure. Lindsay Abrams, DPT, has successfully completed the IMS training, and has been using this technique on patients for the past 3 years. Please feel free to contact the clinic to further clarify IMS treatment, cost of treatment and expectations.