1. Identification Card
  2. Proof of Insurance
    • Health insurance card
    • Auto insurance card, claim number, and adjuster’s contact Information
    • Worker’s compensation claim number and adjuster’s contact information
  3. Physician referral or prescription if you have received one
  4. Completed intake forms (download forms online)
    • Patient Information Form
    • Financial Agreement
    • Privacy Policy Authorization Form
    • Medical History Form OR Balance-Dizziness Questionnaire

If you do not wish to, or are unable to bring the completed intake forms with you to your first visit, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to complete these forms.


Please arrive in, or bring comfortable clothing with you to your appointment so that the therapist may access the body region that you intend to be treated.


INTERVIEW – You and your therapist will discuss the issue(s) that has brought you to physical therapy, your past medical history, your restrictions due to the current problem, and your goals for physical therapy.
EXAMINATION – Your physical therapist will perform a generalized examination of your overall health, which may include blood pressure, heart rate, etc., as well as a comprehensive examination of the body area(s) which have brought you into physical therapy.
EDUCATION – As with any aspect of your health, we feel that it is important that you not only know what problems or impairments were found in your examination, but WHY you are experiencing these problems. At Element Physical Therapy, we strongly emphasize educating you, the patient, and provide you with recemmendations to improve your overall health and wellness.
TREATMENT – Based on the information obtained during the evaluation, the therapist will formulate a list of problems to treat, short and long term goals, and an exercise plan. All treatments are catered to your individual problems or impairments and your goals for therapy.