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Our blog posts were written by our own physical therapists, whose articles were published in Livewell Magazine.

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Happiness Is Where the Heart Is

What makes someone happy? Is it a good education? Good looks? Being married? Losing weight? Getting a raise at work? Being young? Hmm… the answer might actually surprise you. This topic has long been researched. What actually is it that makes...

Is Falling the Fact of Life for the Elderly?

Have you or someone you know ever experienced a fall or sudden loss of balance, or been dizzy with no apparent cause? If you have, you are not alone. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 33-50% of people over age 65 fall each year; many...

Can Dizziness Be Related to the Heart?

Dizziness has many origins, which often makes it difficult to diagnose. There may be many causes of dizziness, the heart being one of them. It is always a good idea to visit your primary care doctor or cardiologist if you are concerned that the dizziness you are...

The Power of D

We have all heard tidbits of information about the importance of Vitamin D from doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, friends, family, etc. In fact, you may have been told that we, as “Missoulians”, need extra Vitamin D due to the lack of sunshine we...

Concussions In Sports

In the past few years concussions in sports has received a great deal of attention across all forms of media as people in the medical and sports worlds have begun to speak out about the long-term effects associated with concussions. The Centers for Disease...

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